Cần cẩu bánh xích Kobelco BMS1200HD

Thông tin thiết bị

Crane Boom

Max. Lifting Capacity 120 t × 5.0 m
Max. Length 61.0 m

Main & Aux. Winch

Max. Line Speed 110 m/min
Rated Line Pull
(Single Line)
157 kN {16.0 tf}
Wire Rope Diameter 36 mm
Wire Rope Length 245 m (Main), 175 m (Aux.)
Brake Type Wet-type multiple disc brake (Standard)

Working Speed

Swing Speed 2.1 min-1 {rpm}
Travel Speed 1.2 / 0.8 km/h

Power Plant

Model MTU 12V2000
Engine Output 634 kW / 1,800 min-1
Fuel Tank Capacity 900 liters

Hydraulic System

Main Pumps 4 variable displacement
Max. Pressure 32 MPa {326 kgf/cm2}
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 1,000 liters


Operating Weight* 116 t
Ground Pressure 79 kPa
Counterweight 32,500 kg
Transport Weight** 46,900 kg

Units are SI units. { } indicates conventional units.
Line speeds in table are for light loads. Line speed varies with load.
* Including upper and lower machine, 32.5 ton counterweight, basic boom, hook, and other accessories.
** Base machine with gantry, wire rope (front/rear/boom hoist), without crawler, auxiliary platform and duct.