Product no TB00166
Serial no 90N1-0521
Bucket capacity 3.5 m3
Engine Nissan PE6t34, 191.2 kW
Total weight 20,110kg
Year of Manufacture 1993
Operating hour 8,014 h
Location Dongnai
TCM 90ZIII.pdf


- Nissan engine with strong capacity

- The Kawasaki 90ZIII has a redesigned ROPS cabin with operator-friendly features.

- Kawasaki 90ZIII operates in a wide range thanks to the extended joint system and a wider bucket designed to achieve the furthest reach, reinforced chassis firmly protects the machine from strong vibrations while operating.

Machine dimensions

Turning radius mm 1,400
Max. dumping height mm 2,840
Max. driving speed km/h 35
Total dimensions (LxWxH) mm 8,540 x 3,120 x 3,470

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