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Type Crawler
Operating weight 18.3 t
Paving capacity 700 t/hr
Max. pave width 8.5m (AB500 Screed )
9m (AB600 Screed )
10m (Screed AB600)
CUMMINS QSB6.7-C170, 127 kW
Year of Manufacture 2017
Country of Origin Germany
Download Brochure SUPER-1800-3-Catalog.pdf


The SUPER 1800-3, the most powerful tracked paver in its performance class, with maximum paving capacity up to 700t/hr. With a maximum pave width of 10 m (depending on the option equipped according to the order configuration) and a machine length of just 6m, the VÖGELE paver handles motorway projects just as well as tight roundabouts.

Here are detailed configuration and optional equipment:



Diesel Cummins 6-cylinders engine, liquid cooled. QSB6.7-C170
Output up to 127 kW at 2,000 rpm, Eco mode 106 kW at 1,700 rpm, save ~15% materials.

CUMMINS: technically friendly and common, available spare-parts and easy to repair.
2 Diesel filters system and 1 filter system which is suitable for fuel condition in Vietnam

Water separator: Shown on the screen, the operator knows when to flush water

Material Feed, Conveyors and Augers

  • Wide push-rollers, can be displaced forwards by 150mm
  • 13 tonne material hopper, hopper front can be raised for servicing > 4 separate hydraulic drives for conveyors and augers
  • Augers reversible and hydraulically adjustable in height, complete with limiting plates for auger tunnel and bracing
  • Manual auger override
  • Automatic filling of auger tunnel during breaks in paving
  • 2 auger extensions, 65cm each, on left and right


  • Hydrostatic traction drive.
  • Crawler tracks with rubber pads, ground contact 2,830 x 305 mm.
  • Low-maintenance multiple-disk brakes, lock on automatically without oil pressure.


Electrical System

  • On-board voltage 24V
  • 1 working light for auger tunnel, 24V

Screed Heating

  • Three-phase AC generator, oil-cooled with electronic generator management.
  • Screed is also heated when diesel engine is running at idle.

Sàn vận hành

2 operator's seats, can be pivoted outwards, with side panelling
Operator's seats and console can be easily and conveniently adjusted for ergonomic working

Modular ErgoPlus 3 paver operator's console; large high-contrast colour display, ensures easy operation and monitoring of paver functions.

2 ErgoPlus 3 screed consoles for the right and left-hand screed sides, with colour display for setting up and monitoring paver and screed functions.

Anti-glare display, full HD color screen, screed control functions

Material feeding hopper and steering wheel, reels screw and moving material.

Powerful A.C. generator

The powerful three-phase A.C. generator installed as standard, with Generator Management System, matches its output to the current pave width and allows short heating-up times for the compacting systems.
The generator is extremely low-maintenance thanks to the hydraulic direct drive via the splitter gearbox and oil cooling


AB 500-3 Extending Screed

The AB 500 can be combined with all SUPER pavers of the "dash 3" generation in the Universal Class and Highway Class. With
its infinitely adjustable single-tube telescoping system, this screed covers a virtually unlimited spectrum of applications with pave widths ranging from 2.55 to 8.5m.
Depending on the respective paver, it comes in the TV version (with tamper and vibrators) or in the TP1 or TP2 versions for high compaction (with tamper and one or two pressure bars).
CUMMINS: technically friendly and common, available spare-parts and easy to repair.
2 Diesel filters system and 1 filter system
which is suitable for fuel condition in Vietnam
- Outstanding paving properties thanks to optimized tamper and screed plate geometry > Highly efficient screed heating
- Hydraulic crown adjustment
- Ergonomic screed console
- Safe and convenient screed access

Compacting system, TV

Extending Screed 2 x 0.25m
Bolt-on Extensions 2 x 1.25m
Pave width 8.0m

- Asphalt paver is equipped with Tamper and Vibrators (tamper & vibrators).

- The tamper packs the mix under the screed, ensuring controlled material feed in all paving situations. The optimal tamper setting is critical in ensuring that sufficient mix is always available under the screed as required for the specified layer thickness and pave speed.

- The eccentric vibrators, causing the screed plate to vibrate, provide for optimum grain size distribution and produce a uniform and close-textured sur- face structure.

- Just as the tamper, the vibrating intensity, too, is infinitely variable through the speed of the vibrators’ eccentric shaft - from the operator ́s consoles.

SMART Protective roof

The roof is made of reinforced fiberglass (Polymers) painted in yellow according to the design of Vögele.

The roof protects operators from direct sunlight and rain, which also automatically extend when the operator reclines the seat.

Working Lights, Halogen

These working lights provide for good basic job site lighting. (6 working lights for pavers with hardtop, 4 working lights for pavers without hardtop).

Hopper Front, Hydraulic

Prevents mix from spilling when feed vehicles change and ensures the material hopper is completely emptied without manual intervention. Thus, the full quantity of mix is included in the material conveying process. Opening the hopper front provides convenient access to the adjusters for conveyor tension.

AutoSet Plus

"AutoSet Plus" has two handy automatic functions. The automatic "Repositioning" function and the function for storing paving programmes.

This option includes the hydraulic screed lock.

Sensor for Auger Control, Sonic, 2 Pieces

This sonic sensor controls the mix level in the auger tunnel, precisely and in non-contacting operation.


The wide push-rollers are spring loaded and can be displaced forwards by 75 or 150mm.

Screed lock, hydraulic ("AutoSet Plus")

For locking the screed from the paver operator ́s Ergo- Plus® console prior to transport.

Standard Guide for Screed Arm

Screed Assist

When paving a material of poor bearing capacity, the hydraulic Screed Assist feature reduces the screed weight while, at the same time, increasing the paver's traction.

Height Adjustment of Side Plate, Mechanical

The height and angle of the side plates can be easily adjusted by means of two crank handles.

Rearview mirror, 2 pieces, paver without hardtop


Reverse Bleeper, Acoustic

An acoustic signal sounds to provide additional safety when.

Limiting Plates for Auger Tunnel, Hinged, 2 Pieces

The hinged limiting plates for the auger tunnel stay on the machine for transport.


NIVELTRONIC Plus®, the VÖGELE System for Automatic Grade and Slope Control, operates extremely accurately and is easy to use. Integrated into the ErgoPlus® concept for paver oper- ation, the system harmonizes perfectly with VÖGELE machine and sensor technology 

Slope Sensor

The slope sensor can be used in combination with a grade sensor up to a maximum pave width of 6.5m. It measures a broad range of slopes from +/-10%

Bracket for Grade Sensor, 2 Pieces

For attachment of a mechanical or sonic grade sensor.

Variable mechanical grade sensor ("Dash 3"), 1 piece.

The sensor is particularly sturdy and insusceptible to weather influences. It features a large multi-segment display and built-in ambient lighting.

The scope of delivery also includes skis (30cm and 1m long), as well as a bow for referencing from a tensioned wire

Ski 2m, 1 Piece

Combines with the variable mechanical grade sensor to level out medium-length irregularities.


Multi-Cell Sonic Sensor (CAN/Analogue), 1 Piece

By calculating an average, the sensor can level out short irregularities in the base. The sensor can be used in Ground Mode or Stringline Mode. Thanks to its CAN/analogue inter- face, the sensor can be connected directly to NIVELTRONIC Plus or the Big MultiPlex Ski.


Complete set of tools, with tool bag and pressure gauge.

Spray Gun

Spray gun with hose (2m).

Grease pump connector allows the supply of grease to the central lubrication system with an automatic grease pump.  Maintenance Kit, 1,000 Service Hours  Handbook of Paving instruction (English version)



Multiplex ski sensor  Balloon light