W 1500

Product code TB00071
Serial no 08200577
Curb weight 26,240 kg 
Engine Diesel,  OM502LA, 340kW
Roto width
1,500 mm
Max cutting depth 320 mm
Year of Manufacture 2008
Country of origin Germany
Operating hours 6,004 h
TCM W-1500.pdf
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- Equipped with sensors on both sides of the machine to control the slope.
- Simple operation with easy-to-understand, convenient control panel
- Access to the cockpit is easy, the driver's seat adjusts comfortably and is effectively anti-vibration.
- Hydraulic all-wheel drive for maximum traction, hydraulic height adjustment with two speed settings
- Large engine capacity with high torque, effective soundproofing of the engine compartment, and appropriate working lights and - equipment.
- Fast moving, wide conveyor rotation angle, folding conveyor belt can be folded quickly during operation.


Diameter roto mm 980
Travelling speed, max km/h 4,5
Dimensions (LxWxH) mm 14200 x 2400 x 3000