SSN2800 Apro

Boom type Hexagonal boom
Boom stages 4 stage deflection
Extension boorn speed 3.3/6.5 m/sec
Main boorn acting angle/speed -35~78/10 ˚/sec
Outer boorn acting angle/speed 145/8 ˚/sec
Tải Brochure SS2800-Apro-Catalog.pdf

Các đặc điểm nổi bật

  • With the top seat to extend its space, it makes user more comfortable.
  • We increased the outrigger's valve capacity. It can minimize the outrigger valve's exothermic action and improve the speed of outrigger extending and retracting.
  • It is inner case and jack case bolt type which can control the UP and down.
  • We changed the structure of swing tube nipple and it can prevent the leaking of hydraulic oil.

Các kích thước

Max. lift capacity ton.m
Max. work height m 11,8
Max. work radius
Rate flow rate
cc/rev 65
Rated pressure kg/caf