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ConSite closely monitors your machines’ operational status and alarms by sending monthly operational reports and notifying emergency alarms ensuring you have optimally operating machine(s) that meet your needs. 



ConSite Data Report



- ”Monthly report” Receive operation reports with advice via e-malil or smartphone.


- ”Alarm report” receive Emergency alarm notifications via e-mail or smartphone.

The monthly report notifies on each machine’s operation status, and the alarm report notifies on alarm information. These two types of reports allow you to visualize the operation status of your machine, and monitor your machine’s day-to-day operation status in order to maximize machine availability

Available in more than 30 languages, ConSite’s monthly data report service provides you with a working record every month in-time via e-mail or smartphone.

In case of machine downtime, ConSite can detect the urgency of information using an intelligent filtering system and alert you immediately.

To know more about ConSite data report Service, please refer to the following link.

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ConSite Pocket


Condition monitoring for your multiple Hitachi machines at your fingertips with the ConSite Pocket app.


Receive alerts on your machines’ health out in the field, straight to your smartphone.


Get recommendations on the best course of action to take based on the alert issued.

Keep track of your machines out in the field, and have peace of mind that they are always working at peak performance under safe operating conditions. Download your monthly ConSite reports anytime straight to your smartphone.




The ConSite Pocket app was designed for you to monitor your machine in real-time. This easy-to-use mobile app was built to complement our Global e-Service machine condition management system. The app has been developed with the machine owner in mind and has a user friendly interface and easy navigation so that you can focus on these great features.
Receive alerts straight to your smartphone in real-time as machine issues arise. The alert will give you an accurate description of the issue/s that have arose with the machine. You’ll receive manufacturer recommendations on what course of action to take with regards to each alert with step by step do-it-yourself help guides for some machine problems where appropriate.
Keep on top of it all with the ability to locate your multiple machines out in the field at all times. This easy to use feature allows you to select a machine then select location, you will then be taken to your maps with drop pin indicating that machine’s exact location. For best results with our machine finder feature we recommend downloading Google Maps to your device.
Download your monthly machine reports straight to your smartphone anytime and from anywhere with one click from the ConSite Pocket app. You’ll be able to compare with previous months reports, keep up to date with your machines’ health and access your machine operational hours in the palm of your hand. For best results we recommend also using Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Consite Oil




It is necessary to know the condition of oil to reduce the number of machine failures!


If oil deteriorates, the machine will be affected. Then, if a machine failure occurs, the oil will further deteriorate.


In other words, machine failures can be detected in their early stages by monitoring the condition of oil.



Oil sensors for engine and hydraulic system watch*the two types of oil 24/7.


Abnormalities are detected in early stages.


They monitor oil condition 24/7 as far as the machine is operating.


Realization of continual monitoring of oil condition


Even if oil analysis is periodically done on certain intervals, if an abnormality occurs in the middle of an interval, it may develop to a catastrophic failure before the next analysis.


We at Hitachi Construction Machinery developed a unique algorithm and made it possible to monitor oil condition 24/7 with the oil monitoring sensors.


Delivery of emergency reports by the smartphone app and E-mail


If an abnormality of oil condition is detected, information is sent by the smartphone app and E-mail.


Detailed oil analysis and quick actions at the job site


It is recommended that oil sampling and detailed oil analysis be done when an oil abnormality is reported.


When detailed oil analysis is done, a report, which is uniquely compiled for easy understanding by Hitachi Construction Machinery, will be issued.

ConSite and ConSite OIL support Hitachi machines for their entire life cycles.