Intuitive controls

Multifunctional armrest for small and compact milling machines


The small and compact milling machines feature a multifunctional armrest which combines all controls required for the highly automated milling process. The multifunctional, individually adjustable armrest combines innovative design and perfect user-friendliness. Important information is displayed on the colour control screen. The multifunctional armrest has been fully integrated into the standardized operating concept of the entire fleet of WIRTGEN small milling machines and allows productive operation right from the start.



Multifunctional control screen for large milling machines

The multifunctional control screen provides clear information on operational parameters and maintenance details. User-friendly diagnostic tools with clear illustrations ensure the transparency of diagnostic procedures. Continuous logging of events during the milling process is yet another useful feature. In addition, the control system displays information such as the weight and volume of the material milled, size of the milled area or number of trucks loaded automatically after manual entry of the material density and milling width. These job data enable easy logging of daily production rates.


The control screen can be switched to camera mode to monitor important work processes. Two or six cameras with high-resolution colour screens can be installed in accordance with customer specifi cations. When using six cameras, an additional camera screen is installed to allow two camera views to be displayed simultaneously.



Multifunctional joystick and multifunctional control display for cold recyclers and soil stabilizers

Ergonomically designed controls are integrated in both arm consoles. Arranged within easy reach, they allow intuitive operation. All important machine features have been grouped together intelligently in the multifunctional joystick of the right-hand arm console and can therefore be performed with effortless ease.


The multifunctional control screen provides clearly structured information on operating parameters and maintenance details. Clearly structured, self-explanatory menus enable individual pages to be called up quickly.



Flexible control panel and multifunctional display for slipform pavers

Everything on the operator’s platform of the slipform paver is arranged with great clarity and ergonomic principles in mind. The state-of-the-art graphic screen is located in the centre of the control panel: the multifunctional display keeps the operator informed of all relevant operating parameters on an event-driven basis. Handling of the paver via the control screen is easy – and is made even easier by clearly identifiable symbols independent of the national language. The control panel can be placed on the left or right side of the paver, thus always offering a perfect view of the entire paving process.



Multifunctional joysticks and control display for Surface Miners

The ergonomically designed controls have been integrated into the armrest of the driver’s seat. All important machine features have been intelligently combined in the multifunctional joysticks.