Sản phẩm


Công suất nghiền
470 tấn/h
Kiểu dẫn động
Diesel Electric
Kích thước hàm côn
1,120 mm
Trọng lượng vận chuyển  58,000 kg
Tải Brochure MCO11-PRO-Catalog.pdf

Các đặc điểm nổi bật

  • Extremely robust design
  • Very high production output with low-maintenance operation
  • Diesel-electric drive concept with the option to connect an external power supply
  • Ideal for combination with upstream MOBICAT MC 120 Z PRO jaw crusher

Các kích thước

Vận chuyển
Chiều cao vận chuyển 
mm 3,850
Chiều dài vận chuyển  
mm 17,595
Chiều rộng vận chuyển
mm 3,000
Trọng lượng vận chuyển

- Hopper made of KRS (KLEEMANN Resistant Steel), hopper volume approx. 7.5 m3

- Frequency-controlled feeding conveyor, automatic control depending on crusher level thanks to CFS (Continuous Feed System) for continuous crusher feed

- Metal detector under the feeding conveyor to protect the cone crusher from unbreakable metallic material
- Overload system in crusher for opening the crushing chamber if unbreakable material enters
- Intelligent overload detection ("Ring Bounce Detection") protects the crusher from damage; two modes to choose from

- SPECTIVE control concept: Menu-guided user interface, 12-inch operating panel; WITOS FleetView telematics system for efficient fleet and service management

- Wear indicator for recording the current wear level on the crushing tool

- Remote control: Cable and radio remote control including shutdown function for feeding unit

- Water spray system for reducing dust

- Lighting

- Replaceable hopper elements: KRS Kleemann Resistant Steel and plastic elements

- Hopper filling aids for rear feeding: Feed opening width 4,200 mm; hopper volume approx. 9.2 m³

- Magnetic remover for lifting out magnetic elements

- Extended crusher discharge conveyor, discharge height approx. 4,190 mm, hydraulically foldable

- Belt scale in crusher discharge conveyor, can be read via SPECTIVE

- Crusher discharge conveyor belt cover (standard and extended)

- External power supply for economic mains operation

- Line coupling for linking with other KLEEMANN plants

- Camera system for monitoring the feeding unit and the crusher from the ground, available with radio remote control

- Oversize grain returning for returning oversize grain material from a screening plant, can be installed on left or right

- 16 A/32 A power supply for supplying service tools

- Diesel refuelling pump: Hose system incl. pump, refuelling from a separate tank possible

- Track pads for the crawler tracks in order to protect ground

- Premium lighting

- Climate packages: Hot and cold package (self-sufficient auxiliary heating)