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Multi Articulating Water Tower

Everyday firefighters all over the world save the lives or protect property at the risk of their own life. Since EVERDIGM began to produce firefighting & rescue vehicle in 2004, we constantly have strived to develop our firefighting & rescue vehicles and provide maximum firefighters’ safety. We continuously have worked with firefighters in the world and listened to their voices. Our firefighting & rescue vehicles are designed based on the experience of firefighters. We have tried to use the information acquired from them as much as possible in order to develop and improve our products. We wish that we can have more opportunity to meet firefighters and customers from the world. And we promise to do our best for continuous customer satisfaction, quality and best service.

Features and benefits

The EVERDIGM Water Tower is a new concept of aerial fire-fighting vehicle converted from an original truck-mounted concrete pump.It is designed for effective fire fighting in high rise buildings, industrial areas, etc on fire.It consists of articulated boom assembly, articulated waterway and electric water monitor & CCTV, fire pump, foam system, water tank and foam tank and it can be used for putting out general fires and oil fires.The Booms consist of four sections as a zigzag folding type and provide better flexibility and easier access to the fire target through any obstacles rather than telescopic type of boom. All articulated booms except the first boom are vertically moving up to 80° and especially the fourth boom with vertical movement angle of 240°. Especially, its maximum horizontal outreach is more than 29 Meters and the maximum working reach below the ground level is more than 15 meters. All booms are primed internally and externally and painted for long life span.
All components of EWT are manufactured of approved products, steadily improved and developed which guarantee reliable, long-lasting performance and safe operation.
ISO9001:2008 & ISO14001:2004 certified.

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