35 years of oscillation: Tried and tested solutions for asphalt and earthwork

Over 35 years ago, HAMM became the first roller manufacturer to offer an oscillation drum for tandem rollers. In the meantime, this technology has become an integral part of the product programme. In the past five years alone, the specialists for compaction technology have delivered more than 3,000 machines with this particular technology. Today, one in five of the tandem rollers leaving the Tirschenreuth factory is equipped with an oscillation drum. One reason for this is the large variety of models, because with more than 35 models, HAMM has by far the widest offering of oscillation rollers in the world. In addition, only HAMM builds oscillation tandem rollers in the compact class as well as compactors for earthwork with oscillation compaction capability. And last but not least, the HAMM programme includes oscillation rollers for every market.

The Principle of Oscillation

Oscillation involves two unbalance shafts rotating synchronously. The unbalances are offset by 180°. This causes the drum to carry out a rapidly alternating forward/backward rotary movement, as a result of which the compaction energy is directed into the substrate tangentially to the front and rear in the form of shear forces. In contrast to a vibrating drum, it acts dynamically on the substrate all the time. Because the drum is always in contact with the ground, there is also a constant static load due to the weight of the machine.