Perfect evenness, fast installation



Ready to go in just seven minutes: the new Big MultiPlex Ski from VÖGELE.


Race tracks, country roads, motorways: VÖGELE's Big MultiPlex Ski comes into play whenever absolute evenness in the longitudinal direction is essential and no absolute grade reference is available. Its 5-13m beam can be fitted with three multi-cell sonic sensors as standard – or with up to five if required. This enables the Big MultiPlex Ski to scan a reference at several points located far apart from each other. VÖGELE’s Niveltronic Plus System for Automated Grade and Slope Control calculates a mean from the measurements taken across the entire measuring range, making up for any unevenness over long distances. In this way, the system operates with much greater precision than an individual single-cell or multi-cell sensor, for instance.

New version: Significant improvements in transport and installation

The Big MultiPlex Ski has already earned its credentials on many job sites around the world. Now, VÖGELE engineers have developed a new version, focussing particularly on simple handling and a fast set-up. For instance, a special transport box enables users to stow all parts of the Big MultiPlex Ski so that they are accessible at any time and to transport the parts safely.



Everything in easy reach: the transport box for the Big MultiPlex Ski.


Meanwhile, practical clamping fasteners on the beam and on the sensor brackets support completely tool-less attachment in just seven minutes. The new generation of sensors for grade and slope control also make life easier for users with additional LED crosses for levelling and a special powerful LED.



Tool-less set up in just seven minutes.


The advantages of the new Big MultiPlex Ski at a glance



- Levelling long irregularities


- Beam with variable length of 5-13m


- Flexible in use, even in bends, thanks to swivelling sensors


- Practical clamping fasteners for fast and tool-less set-up of the beam and sensors


- Convenient box for uncluttered storage and safe transport.