Oscillation involves two unbalance shafts rotating synchronously. The unbalances are offset by 180°. This causes the drum to carry out a rapidly alternating forward/backward rotary movement, as a result of which the compaction energy is directed into the substrate tangentially to the front and rear in the form of shear forces. In contrast to a vibrating drum, it acts dynamically on the substrate all the time. Because the drum is always in contact with the ground, there is also a constant static load due to the weight of the machine.


The intelligent HAMM technology optimises the machine functions and provides thereby for an economic use of the running materials. Increase your productivity, work more economically, save between 30 and 50% Diesel consumption (as per customer opinion since 2002) and extend the life span or your machinery – that’s the reward of Hammtronic.


With dynamic compaction systems the compaction performance of a roller can be clearly improved. These systems are based on the fact to stimulate the surface by vibrations in such a way that a grain relocation can take place into a closer position.

3-point swivel joint

The innovative and self levelling centre pivot assembly is based on 3 instead of 4 joints. From this result outstanding driving and direction characteristics. This unique Hamm pivoted steering with the 3 ball joints guarantees an unsurpassed directional stability and driving comfort. Even with full steering angle the chassis construction provides for an even weight distribution on drum and wheels and ensures in such a way for careful absorption also with uneven terrains. Tilting with driving along curves is also more strongly avoided.

WITOS® FleetView

Thanks to system based pre-processing, transmitting, visualising and evaluating of machine and position data, fleet and servicing management is becoming increasingly more efficient in day-to-day operations.


For compactors there is also the possibility for the oscillation compaction, here is the VIO drum used. In this drum both systems are united, so that there can be selected between oscillation and vibration. The change from vibration to oscillation will be activated via switch and can be done even whilst driving.