WIRTGEN milling and cutting drums

Solutions for every application

In the standard product range, WIRTGEN offers an extensive number of optional drums that help the customer to perform many applications in the surface processing, as well as performing recycling work or when cut mining soft or hard rock.

WIRTGEN toolholder systems

Extended service life, higher machine availability


Maximum structural integrity and wear resistance are vital qualities for the picks to ensure highly precise and productive milling and cutting operations. The picks are firmly anchored in the heavy-duty WIRTGEN toolholder systems and can be replaced quickly and easily right on the construction site.

WIRTGEN picks and cutting tools

Increased productivity, reduced costs

Picks are a vital ingredient of the WIRTGEN cutting technology. They remove the pavement in the milling process, granulating it into small-sized, reusable material. The different operating conditions and types of stress encountered on construction sites both require and promote the development and ongoing refinement of the picks.