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TCM 95

Trọng lượng vận hành 7800 - 11600 kg
Chiều rộng trải tối đa 9,500 mm
Chiều cao trải tối đa 500 mm
Công suất động cơ
41 kW / 56 HP
Tải Brochure TCM95-Catalog.pdf

Các đặc điểm nổi bật

Optimum texture and protection for concrete surfaces up to 9.5 m wide

  • The modular machine design allows it to be adapted to working widths between 4.0 m and 9.5 m.
  • The self-propelled texture curing machine produces the desired surface textures on the freshly paved concrete surface.
  • The automated spraying system with a generously sized storage container effectively distributes the dispersion and protects the concrete surface from premature drying.
  • The various texture and spray modes as well as other texture alternatives offer a wide range of functionality.
  • An extensive array of options that can be combined without additional installation work make a wide variety of applications possible while guaranteeing maximum machine availability.

Highlights in operation
- High level of operator comfort on the operator’s platform
- Standardized operating concept in line with the new SP model ranges
- Ergonomically designed controls for intuitive operation
- State-of-the-art, clearly structured control panel
- Separate control consoles for longitudinal texturing features, transverse texturing features, service and diagnostic features, as well as telescoping feature
- All adjustment features offer electrohydraulic control
- Automatic adjustment of all components for central crown applications


Highlights in performance and productivity
- Engine models complying with EC Stage IIIa / US Tier 3 emission standards or the stringent EC Stage IV / US Tier 4f emission standards
- Fuel-efficient ECO mode and temperature-controlled fan speed (EC Stage IV / US Tier 4f only)
- Engine optionally fitted with diesel particulate filter (EC Stage IV / US Tier 4f only)
- Numerous automated features
- Lightweight working platform of high-quality aluminium
- Hot-water heating system for easy cleaning of the spraying system
- Quick maintenance
- Separate supports
- Compact transport dimensions
- Minimum modification requirements


Highlights in concrete curing
- Practical film unwinder
- Mounting rail for burlap or artificial turf
- Effective lateral broom-cleaning unit
- Optimized transverse broom finish and spraying feature
- New selection feature for longitudinal or transverse broom finish
- New selection feature for longitudinal or transverse spraying
- New diagonal broom finish and spraying feature
- New meander spraying feature
- Minor modification effort required to change operating mode
- Spray heads with three spray nozzles each for reliable spraying in longitudinal direction


Highlights in driving and levelling
- High-precision traction drive featuring proportional control
- Two different speed ranges
- Wheel-mounted or track-mounted design
- High precision and manoeuvrability
- High-precision height adjustment featuring proportional control
- Scanning via stringline or of reference surfaces via slab tracer
- Optional scanning of the concrete surface via ultrasonic sensor when using 3D control
- Turning on the spot at the mere push of a button


Các kích thước

 Working width mm  9500
 Working height mm  500
 Exhaust emissions category
 EU Stage 3a/US EPA Tier 3
 Rated power  kW/HP  41/ 56
 Displacement  cm³  3,620
 Number of wheels    4
 Travel speed max. m/min
 Operating weight, CE  kg  7,800 - 11,600

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