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SP 124L

Trọng lượng vận hành 50000 - 96000 kg
Chiều rộng trải tối đa 4500 - 12000 mm
Chiều cao trải tối đa 0 - 450 mm
Công suất động cơ
272 kW / 370 HP
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Các đặc điểm nổi bật

Slipform paver for cost-effective, large-scale concrete paving

  • The inset slipform paver is the perfect choice for the cost-effective paving of large concrete surfaces ranging from 4.5 m to 12.0 m wide and 450 mm thick.
  • The slipform paver can be easily adapted to any job site situation due to the machine frame that can be hydraulically telescoped lengthwise and mechanically telescoped sideways.
  • The SP 124/SP 124i comes equipped with four hydraulic swing arms as standard, while the SP 124 L/SP 124 Li comes standard with a rigid connection to the crawler unit with worm gear steering.
  • Precise insertion of tie bars and dowel bars via self-loading dowel bar inserter (optional) enables concrete paving over reinforcing steel. The intelligent machine concept with hydraulic swing arms and worm gear steering makes the machine easy to transport and offers maximum flexibility in any job site situation.

Heavy-duty machine design
The heavy-duty machine design guarantees consistently high performance rates in concrete paving as well as precise paving results even in difficult site conditions. 

Intelligent transport concept
Compact dimensions and minimum modification requirements ensure ease of loading and cost-effective transport. Depending on the paver’s configuration, the dowel bar inserter or oscillating beam, super smoother and concrete spreading equipment can remain mounted on the machine during transport.

Fully modular machine layout
The paver’s fully modular design is synonymous with flexible modification, easy retrofitting of optional equipment features and application-specific adjustment to site conditions.

State-of-the-art engine technology
The SP 124 / SP 124 L features state-of-the-art, high-performance engine technology (max. 272 kW / 365 HP / 370 PS) complying with exhaust emission standards EU Stage IIIa / US Tier 3. The SP 124i / SP 124 Li features state-of-the-art, high-performance engine technology (max. 321 kW / 430 HP / 436 PS) complying with exhaust emission standards EU Stage V / US Tier 4f.

The machine can be fitted with 910 wm series metric inset slab paving moulds which come with wearing pan as standard and crown as an optional feature.

The slipform paver achieves perfection in the highly precise paving of standard concrete slabs at widths ranging from 4.5 m to 12.0 m and layer thicknesses of up to 450 mm.

Alternative compaction technology
The machine can be equipped with a hydraulic or electric vibrator drive to comply with site requirements. It comes with 24 hydraulic connectors in standard design (optionally 30 or 36) but can optionally be fitted with 26 or 34 electric connectors.

Machine-integrated insertion of steel reinforcement
A self-loading dowel bar inserter with fully automatic dowel bar magazine, tie bar inserter(s) and side tie bar inserter(s) are available in accordance with customer requirements.

Field-proven 3D interface
The field-proven interface guarantees tested compatibility with the 3D control systems of leading suppliers.

Perfection in ergonomic design and handling
Relaxed working is ensured by the ergonomically designed workplace offering perfect visibility and an intuitive operating concept standardized for all SP model ranges.

Efficient engine management
The ECO mode feature automatically adjusts the engine output to current performance requirements, thus ensuring diesel efficiency and low noise emissions.

Machine control systems with advanced intelligence
The efficient WIRTGEN WITOS FleetView telematics system supports fleet management, machine position and status monitoring, as well as maintenance and diagnostic procedures.

High-precision steering and drive systems
Intelligent steering and control systems for exceedingly smooth operation even in narrow bends ensure precision in concrete paving.

Các kích thước

 Paving width  mm
 4500 - 12000
 Layer thickness  mm  0 - 450
 Exhaust emissions category  mm
 EU Stage 3a/US EPA Tier 3
 Rated power  kW/HP
 272 / 370
 Displacement  cm³
 Number of track units  
 Machine weight  kg
 50000 - 96000
 Operating weight CE (with type 910 m paving mould), 3.50 m  kg
 Paving speed  m/min
 0 – 12
 Travel speed  m/min
 0 – 25

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