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SP 1500

Trọng lượng vận hành 60520 - 72080 kg
Chiều rộng trải tối đa 5000 - 15250 mm
Chiều cao trải tối đa 0 - 450 mm
Công suất động cơ
287 kW / 390 HP
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Các đặc điểm nổi bật

A strong team for economical concrete paving

  • Slipform paver for paving concrete slabs, particularly suitable for use on motorways or at airports.
  • Finishing beam and super smoother are part of the paver's standard equipment.
  • A dowel bar inserter, side tie bar inserter and longitudinal joint bar inserter are available as optional equipment modules.


Power unit: High-powered, fuel-effi cient diesel engine for concrete paving in the optimum performance and torque ranges


Operator's platform: Ergonomically designed, walkthrough operator’s platform for non-tiring, productive working.


Conveying system: Conveying system transporting the top-layer concrete in front of the top-layer concrete paver.


Pivoting legs: Pivoting legs for full adjustment of the track units to the conditions prevailing on site.


Track units: Hydraulically driven, separately height-adjustable and steerable track units for precise driving behaviour and high-precision concrete paving.


Telescoping machine frame: Machine frame telescoping in longitudinal direction to allow full adjustment to site conditions.


Inset paving mould: Inset paving mould integrated into the machine frame and mounted between the track units.


Dowel bar inserter: Automated insertion of dowel bars to maintain the surface levels of adjacent concrete slabs.


Concrete spreading: Spreading plough for even distribution of the freshly delivered concrete in front of the inset paving mould.


Super smoother: Super smoother for a perfectly smooth surface finish


Oscillating beam: Eccentrically driven oscillating beam to remove any irregularities in the concrete surface.


Vibrators: Electrically driven vibrators for reliable concrete compaction.


Longitudinal joint tie bar inserter: Automated insertion of longitudinal joint tie bars to prevent the slabs from drifting apart.


Side tie bar inserter: Automated insertion of side tie bars to enable the paving of adjacent concrete slabs.

Các kích thước

 Paving width  mm  5000 - 15250
 Layer thickness  mm  0 - 450
 Paving equipment for single-layer concrete paving

 Working width

 mm  5000 - 15250

 Paving height

 mm  400
 Additional paving equipment for two-layer concrete paving

 Working width

 mm  5000 - 15250

 Paving height

 mm  500
 Exhaust emissions category    EU Stage 3a/US EPA Tier 3
 Rated power  kW/HP  287/390
 Displacement  cm³  11,100
 Number of track units    4
 Travel speed max.  m/min  25
 Working speed  m/min  6
 Operating weight, CE, working width 15.250 mm, for single-layer paving operations  kg  72,080
 Operating weight, CE, working width 15.250 mm, for dual-layer paving operations  kg  60,520
 Machine weight  kg  60,520 - 72,080

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