VÖGELE Get the Job Done Accurate to the Millimetre

NAVITRONIC® Plus, the new VÖGELE system for 3D machine control, stood the test in practice.

On the contract for new construction of the L546 highroad by-passing the village of St. Leon-Rot, Germany, NAVITRONIC® Plus, the new VÖGELE system for 3D machine control, stood the test summa cum laude. Though the job included tight bends and several changes in transverse profile, the SUPER 1900-2 on the scene there worked fully automatically. All that remained to be done by the paving team was monitor the laying work’s progress and co-ordinate the feed of the paver with mix.

“AutoSet Plus” is Quality Assurance at the Press of a Button

“AutoSet Plus” functions and their specific advantages.

RoadNews: Mr Felchner, you are Head of Applications Technology at JOSEPH VÖGELE AG. What in your view are the main practical advantages that the two “AutoSet Plus” functions have for the user?

SprayJet versus Conventional Paving with Pre-Spraying of Emulsion

In many countries, paving binder and surface courses with conventional pre-spraying of emulsion is standard practice when rehabilitating roads. Normally, an emulsion of bitumen and water is applied to the milled base by spray bars and the water allowed to evaporate overnight. This is known as “breaking” of the emulsion.


Quality in focus with VÖGELE RoadScan

Making quality measurable is one of the major challenges for contractors and clients worldwide. In road construction, it is particularly important to verify that a constant temperature of the freshly paved asphalt has been maintained, as this is a key criterion for ensuring the quality and durability of roads. As a result, the significance of area-wide temperature monitoring is currently on the rise in an increasing number of markets. With the non-contacting RoadScan temperature measurement system, VÖGELE provide an innovative and economical solution for the road construction sector.


The innovative process management solution to enhance quality and efficiency in road construction

Combination of top VÖGELE technologies lends maximum flexibility to rehabilitation projects.

In many countries, construction companies are hired to rehabilitate existing roads much more frequently than to build new ones.

WITOS Paving in practice

WITOS Paving is the innovative VÖGELE solution for optimizing processes in road construction. The system already has a proven track record in practical applications. Now VÖGELE are further enhancing the system’s practical performance with additional functions.

WITOS FleetView - And everything runs smoothly

The telematics solution from the WIRTGEN GROUP – WITOS FleetView – puts users and operators ahead of the game thanks to predictive fleet management. The southern German contractor, GSI-Asphalt are a prime example of how this works.